Why Us


whyus_1“Our clients were ready for change and that’s why they have chosen Acuity as their Corporate and Securities Lawyers.”

We are a unique alternative to large full-service law firms. As a boutique firm focused on one core practice area, our team of experienced lawyers is better able to deliver cost-effective solutions and provide expert advice on a highly personalized, accessible and immediately responsive basis.  As a Business Law Firm, our primary goal is to provide top-quality legal advice and service to meet the needs of our clients.  In addition, we view our role as a trusted and strategic business advisor to our clients.  We take the time to learn about the business of our clients so that the advice we give is consistent with our client’s overall business goals and strategies, their particular circumstances and needs as well as trends in the markets and industries in which they operate.

Acuity’s lawyers have gained considerable corporate securities legal expertise through private practice in pre-eminent business law firms in Canada and abroad and their work at the Toronto Stock Exchange and Ontario Securities Commission.

Our breadth of experience includes both private equity and public market transactions and we represent clients in a broad range of industries, including natural resources, manufacturing, entertainment, hospitality, technology and biotechnology.

A significant factor that sets us apart is in the bottom line.  Not burdened with large overhead and administrative costs, Acuity is able to deliver premium service and results to junior and mid-market clients on a more cost-effective basis than the large law firms. Clients that migrate to Acuity from larger firms are always surprised when they discover that the rates of our most senior lawyers are comparable to the rates charged by junior associates at their old law firm. Our billing philosophy reflects our understanding of who our clients are and their desire to obtain the most for the legal dollars they spend and to minimize these costs wherever possible.  We are always open to discussing alternative billing arrangements specifically tailored to a client’s particular circumstances and needs.